Have you always felt the urge to start your own school but never had the right setup or support? Do you believe that education is the key to solving the world’s major challenges? Do you want to be part of a global community bringing to life new microschools?
Join our week-long "Building microschools for a sustainable and joyful world" workshop in Monestevole, Umbria, Italy.
Earthbound education, Asilo nel Bosco e del Mare and Tribewanted Monestevole are excited to announce the week-long intensive design workshop that will lay the foundations of a new school network focussed on educating for a world that works for all.
During this course, we will explore the pedagogy and design principles of Education for Sustainability as well as take part in the ideation process of creating sustainable micro-schools and curriculum for your next school year. Together, we will contribute to the design process for Monestevole’s 2019 pop-up school project for which we are actively searching for our educators and participating families. Join us! Course description below.

Saturday August 25th - Saturday September 1st
Calling all teachers, school builders, and education enthusiasts interested 
in designing curriculum and schools centered around sustainability!

Sarita Pockell
Sarita is the Program Lead for Green School for Educators
She is a catalyst, facilitator, and community builder for learning programmes sharing Green School's model of education for sustainability. 

Jackie Pye is the Education Lead, for Green School for Educators. She is a curriculum developer, outdoor educator, and school counsellor. 
Jackie Pye
Co-founder of the first italian Asilo nel Bosco.
President of Association Manes, writer, teacher trainer and consultant in outdoor education in Italy and worldwide.
Danilo Casertano
Attach to Sezione 7
Co-founder of the first italian Asilo nel Bosco.
Teacher in the first outdoor primary school in Italy.
Sabina Bello
Founder of Tribewanted Monestevole
Filippo is a social entrepreneur and sustainability expert.
He will be your host on the farm during your stay.
Filippo Bozotti
Attach to Sezione 7
Attach to Sezione 8
Who is the course for?
This retreat is for teachers, school builders, and education enthusiasts interested in designing and building schools centred around sustainability!

Day One: Education for Sustainability and Community  
We will learn about ourselves, each other, and the global movement of EFS. What makes a community? How you build it? What is your communities purpose, values, and rituals? Learn about diversity and communication.

Day Two: Environment
Learn about the building Sustainable learning environments and their importance to educating for a sustainable future. What is the power of place? How does sustainability affect our learning space and environment? What is the importance of food and gardens?

Day Three: Learning
Learn about the most effective Education for Sustainability pedagogy and design tools to structure and build your school programme. Define the purpose and principles of learning, assessment and curriculum.

Day Four: Finance
Learn about funding possibilities and cost considerations while building a financial sustainable school. Determine the possible financial models that will make school affordable.

Day Five: Planning
Engage in the conversation to design initiate a microschool programme that will achieve a community mission. Leave with a shared model, belief, vision, brand, practical approach and a plan.

Day Six:
Final day! Put into practice EFS lessons and get our hands dirty in farm activities.
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Monestevole is a 15th century hamlet perched on top of a 600m. hilltop. Surrounded by 40 hectares of olive groves, vineyard and woodland, the hamlet was inhabited by up to 50 farmers until the 1960’s. 
It was purchased and restored by Tribewanted Monestevole as an eco-tourism destination and over the course of the past 5 years has been converted into a model sustainable community, from green energy to biomass heating, black-gray water management to sustainable architecture methods, permaculture gardens and farm-to-table food.

During your weekly stay you will be able to get your hands dirty on the farm, with you host, Filippo, and participate in the various activities to put into practice the lessons of the course. The classroom is everywhere! Throughout the week, each participant will be assigned “karmic duties”, from feeding the animals to the permaculture gardens to lending a hand in the communal kitchen, making pasta and pizza. And of course, there will be plenty of time to practice yoga, horse-riding, get a massage, or simply relax by the hammocks, enjoying the salt water pool and the numerous walks of the Umbrian countryside.
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